Researchers have looked into the science of swiping and have provided insight on how to get more right swipes on the dating app, Tinder.

Tinder requires users to swipe either left or right to indicate if they like someone or not. If a user swipes right, they’re interested in that person, and they swipe left if they are not interested.

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that if something looks to the right, people are more likely to swipe right and vice-versa.

“We have the tendency to always swipe in the direction of the image because it is active in our minds and this study shows there is spillover to the motor neurons in our brain,” Mario Pandelaere, a Virginia Tech associate professor, said.

He also said this is the first study to show how orientation can influence us.

“This has ramifications at the behavioral level because we are seeing no change in the evaluation, just directional swiping. So marketers can use this to steer people to liking something more than something else, like products that are more profitable for them,” Pandelaere added.