(WFXR) — The ‘Tebow Bill’ — named after former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow who was homeschooled but allowed to play public school football — did not pass in its most recent introduction back into Virginia state legislature.

The bill has been introduced multiple times in the Virginia General Assembly, most recently by New River Valley Del. Marie March (R-7th District) as House Bill 511.

Supporters of the ‘Tebow Bill’ say parents continue to pay taxes for public school despite more students being homeschooled now because of the pandemic.

But the Virginia High School League says homeschooled students don’t meet the same requirements.

The legislation passed 50-49 in the House of Delegates in February, but was “passed by indefinitely” in the Senate Committee on Education and Health with an 8-7 vote on Thursday, March 3, according to General Assembly records.

So far, 35 other states have adopted the bill.