MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — It is going to be a busy weekend in Martinsville as thousands head out to the Half Mile of Mayhem.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) wants to make sure people are following the many signs in place. According to VDOT traffic is being routed to the speedway in certain patterns to minimize congestion. If you are traveling from Roanoke and areas North of Martinsville, you should come south on route 220. Then you should continue on US 220 route 58 bypass past the speedway interchange and turn right onto the access road leading into the track. The entrance is one mile East of the interchange.

If you are coming from Danville and areas East of Martinsville drivers on route 58 bypass should follow signs directing them to use the back gate, located off the bypass east of the track. Signs are in place designating the entrance to the speedway.

VDOT is also reducing speed on 220 as you approach the speedway from the usual 65 mph to just 35 mph.

Clay Campbell, President of the Martinsville Speedway says that there is a lot of movement going on this weekend, but it all benefits the fans.

“That’s what this weekends all about, having a great time, seeing great racing. It’s going to be a huge crowd, enjoy it, be a part of it. This caps off our 75th anniversary so this has been an incredible year for us, and this is an incredible way to finish it,” said Campbell.

He thinks that Sunday should be their first sell out since 2006. Additionally, he says that this week is extremely busy but so far things have been going great. He recommends that all of the fans just be patient throughout the weekend.