CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WFXR) – The University of Virginia (UVA) and Charlottesville community are recovering from the shock after three students were killed in a shooting.

“Even though an hour only went by, it honestly felt like five,” said Adrian Moore, an RA at UVA, who says his first reaction was to get in touch with his 22 residents. “I was doing everything I could to reach out to them.”

They were all safe, but Monday, walking campus with his parents, he says it’s frustrating trying to balance grief with studies.

“School is important, but in moments like this, different priorities have to come first,” he said.

Julie and Stevie Moore came from Stafford to see their son, just to put their hands on their son and know he was okay.

“Panic sets in every time,” they both said. “When you get a call at one in the morning, it’s almost — your heart is throbbing,” said Stevie.

They’re also providing support for their son who lost a classmate. Adrian shared an art class with D’Sean Perry, one of the students who was killed.

“If I feel this much pain thinking about that, I can only think about the same thing applied to his family,” Adrian said.

He says he only spoke with Perry a few times, once with feedback on a class project. The theme was loss, and Perry’s topic was gun violence.

“I told D’Sean that if you were to do audio for the project, an idea might be to use different voices to tell the same story,” he explained. “The reasoning I told to D’Sean and the class was after people pass you forget what their voice sounds like.”