DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — People woke up to icy roadways, slick surfaces, and lots of snow in Danville Monday morning. However, some people still had no choice but to hit the road.

While some folks are used to this type of winter weather, others are not, such as traveling nurse Nicole Griffin from Alabama.

“I’ve never encountered this kind of snow, so this was different for me,” Griffin told WFXR News. “I don’t drive in bad weather, especially this, so I definitely wasn’t used to that.” 

For others, though, the snow from Sunday, Jan. 16 ended up paying off.

“It actually helped me make some money because we do snow removal,” said John Hyett, a resident of Blanch, N.C.

While Danville city officials still tell residents to stay inside on Monday, Jan. 17, this is just another day of work for essential workers like Griffin.

(Photo: Hazelmarie Anderson/WFXR News)

“I’ve been here for a week, I’ve been moving from different hotel…I know we had several call outs and stuff, so, you know, you have to do what you have to do” said Griffin. “Yeah you have to adapt, so welcome to Virginia.” 

As the roads begin to clear Monday afternoon, motorists are still urged to avoid traveling at all costs if possible.