HALIFAX COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Local residents say they’re feeling uneasy after a shooting incident that took place on Black Walnut Road in Halifax County on Friday.

“The lights woke me up, and at first I thought it was fire, and then when I came and looked out my living room window and I saw all the law, I saw the German shepherds, and I knew something was going on,” said neighbor Lucille Wilmoth.

According to the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department, a call came in around 1 a.m. from a woman saying her ex-boyfriend was trying to hurt her. Authorities say when the first deputy arrived at the home– the suspect pushed the woman down and shot her in the back.

She was holding an infant at the time, but the baby was not harmed.

“I feel real bad about it, being that close, and I mean it’s wrong,” said one neighbor who chose to remain anonymous.

The victim was flown to duke medical center for treatment. Wilmoth says police officers flooded the street before she even realized what had happened.

“I saw them putting the tape up, which I knew it was a crime scene, and I also had a deputy in the yard,” said Wilmoth.

She adds that she felt safe having so much law enforcement there– but says it is still an unnerving situation.

“It’s almost in your door, and it does scare you,” said Wilmoth.

Another neighbor tells WFXR this community is like a family–saying when something like this happens, it hurts everyone.

There are no updates on the woman’s condition at this time, and no members of law enforcement were hurt.