MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — With some dangerous winter weather in the forecast this weekend, a Southside animal shelter is sharing some advice with pet owners to keep their furry friends safe from the snow and ice.

The Martinsville Henry County SPCA shared the following winter safety tips to protect your furry friends during this weekend’s winter storm warning:

  • Keep cats and dogs inside, even if they’re outside pets. If you can’t keep them indoors, make sure they can get out of the snow, get somewhere warm, and have access to food and water (but check on that water often to make sure it’s not frozen).
  • Limit car travel and never leave your pet in the car.
  • Since warm engines attract cats and small animals, bang on your hood to make sure there aren’t any stowaways before you start your engine.
  • Check your pet’s paws regularly for cold-weather injuries like cracked paw pads or bleeding. Also, wipe away any salt or ice accumulation after outdoor walks.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of hypothermia, such as shivering, whining, or sluggish or anxious behavior.
  • Keep your pets warm and cozy, whether that means dressing them up in cozy sweaters and coats, or giving them a nice warm bed for naps.
  • Create an emergency kit with enough pet food, water, and medication to last five days.

For more cold weather animal safety advice, check out the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website.