DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — An Afton man is taking on an ambitious project in Danville.

Jeremy Dimaio purchased a church, which was built back in 1880 and has been abandoned for years. He’s now calling it “the Church of the Perpetual Boogie” and hopes to turn it into an Airbnb.

Dimaio says he was drawn to the area because of recent developments in Danville, like the casino and other renovation projects.

“Danville has beautiful architecture, just millionaires row is right to the side here, too. Even some of these buildings that have had better days, you can see that they’re beautiful and a lot of work was put into them,” said Dimaio. “And they’ve stood the test of time. As many issues as this building has, it’s also 140 years old. So, I wanna be a part of what’s happening right now, which is that excitement and renovation of bringing Danville back to its time of glory.”

According to Dimaio, he hopes to have the Airbnb up and running in 12 to 18 months.