MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — On April 11th, God’s Pit Crew partnered with the Martinsville Speedway to distribute food boxes to families in need.

The Speedway was packed from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. with families and volunteers from around the area. This was the third year God’s Pit Crew held this event. Julie Burnett, the Director of the Blessing Bucket program, says this event has been a huge success every year as it helps address local food insecurity. This year, God’s Pit Crew distributed over 800 boxes.

“Maybe that will save some money to put in their gas tanks to go to work or something like that so any little bit that we can do to help that’s what we are here for,” said Burnett.

Local community members started lining up for the food boxes three hours before the start of the program. Some say that resources like this are the difference between them eating and not.

“This community is really hurt and we need all the help we can get, I mean just to survive,” said Cathy Dunham, an attendee.

They also say with inflation and increasing housing costs, they are very thankful for events like these.

“Without a place to stay they just cut out your food stamps so there’s not really fair because we are having to save up money to get a place to live and, therefore, we really appreciate it,” said another attendee.

Each box contained twenty-five pounds of food including canned goods, shelf-stable foods, and a bible.

One volunteer says that today was about giving back to communities in need, and maybe, it will give families hope that even if they are struggling, God’s Pit Crew will be there to help.

“I hope it helps them you know just have a little bit of breathing room in their weekly budget you know maybe give them a little bit of a boost or you know just a little bit of a treat that we would go out and have you know but to them, it’s more than that you know,” said Wesley Wilson, a God’s Pit Crew Volunteer.

God’s Pit Crew will be holding another event on May 6th at the South Boston Motor Speedway to provide more communities with food.

Today’s event is not the only thing that God’s Pit Crew is doing to help communities in need. They have also sent teams across the United States to help with disaster relief, which takes a lot of extra helping hands.

They are always in need of donations and volunteers to help. Click here for more information and learn how to get involved.