PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — The Danville-Pittsylvania County fair introduced new safety precautions this year, this comes as a result of a tragic shooting that ended the life of a teenager at the event last year.

To enter the fairgrounds this year, people will have to first go through security checks that include being scanned with a metal detector as well as bag checks. Organizers say they are not enforcing clear bags, but all bags must be checked before entering the grounds.

Bonnie McDarmont works in media and public relations for the Danville-Pittsylvania County Fairgrounds, and she says she hopes the new measures will provide people with more peace of mind to enjoy the fair.

“Last year was a tragic accident, but it was an isolated event, so we’ve put all our security measures in place to help anything like that from happening in the future,” said McDarmont.

Once inside the gates there are even more safety measures in place. McDarmont says they have increased the number of security cameras on the grounds, as well as have undercover security personnel within the gates.

In addition to the added security, the fair is also introducing new attractions for fair goers to enjoy. They will have their annual demolition derby, circus and magic performances, games, food and rides– with the addition of something new: monster trucks.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday people will be able to go on free monster truck rides, included with the price of their tickets– organizers say they expect this to be a huge draw to the fair.

Event staff say they want people to feel safe and comfortable attending the fair, and they say the fair couldn’t go on without the support of the community.

The 31st Danville-Pittsylvania County fair runs from Sep. 16 until Sep. 24.