PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) – The much-publicized Blue Ridge Rock Fest is just days away; however, officials with Pittsylvania County are warning citizens that several crossovers with Route 29 will be closed in anticipation of large crowds coming to the area for the event starting on Thursday, Sept. 9 and lasting through Sunday, Sept. 12.

Campers will be arriving a day prior to the start of the festival on Wednesday, Sept. 8 and will depart the area on Monday, Sept. 13. On these dates, the following crossovers with Route 29 will be closed:

  • Route 71 (Dry Fork Road): – handled by Troopers (Right lane will be closed approaching this location going South);
  • Dry Fork Road at Realty Road will be closed for those approaching Route 29. They will have to take Realty Road and proceed South and turn at Blairs Traffic light in order to proceed North;
  • Stone Mountain Road – handled by AWP (U-turn to go back South). Left lane will be closed approaching this crossover going South;
  • Between Bojangles/Dollar General – closed;
  • At Circle K – closed;
  • Toy Lane – closed to passenger cars. Tractor Trailers and Shuttle buses will be allowed through crossover (monitored by Troopers);
  • South of Toy Lane – closed;
  • Route 863 (R&L Smith) – closed and monitored by Troopers;
  • Yates Farm – closed;
  • Spring Garden Road – closed;
  • Georges Lane – closed;
  • The two crossovers above Blairs Fire and Rescue – closed; and
  • Blairs Fire and Rescue- closed

Pittsylvania County officials say the intersection of Route 29 Business and Malmaison Road will be open but congestion can be expected.

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