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More than two dozen Danville Police officers were promoted at a ceremony Thursday.

Department leaders said 26 officers were promoted to replace several senior  officers who are retiring.


Saying that they show leadership on a daily basis, Police Chief Scott Booth today promoted 26 officers to the ranks of captain, lieutenant, sergeant and corporal.

The promotions came during a ceremony held in the auditorium of O. Trent Bonner Middle School.

“I love to talk about leadership and I love to be given the opportunity to recognize people that display leadership and work to make things better by showing leadership on a daily basis,” Booth said. “I think that is what we are doing here today.”

Booth talked about leadership using a quote from author and motivational speaker John C. Maxwell that reads: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

“Everything we do, right or wrong, is the result of effective or ineffective leadership,” Booth said. “How effectively we engage the communities that we serve, how we partner with stakeholders in those same communities, how we reduce crime and keep our neighborhoods safe – all are the result of the decisions we make and the level of accountability that we have to our community. That is leadership.

“This is my challenge and my expectation for each of you that I am promoting today. Be a leader, make decisions and hold yourself – and me – accountable for those who live and work here in the city of Danville. Our job as leaders in this organization is to make this community better. That is my charge to you.”

To family members, Booth asked that they be there for their loved one.

“This can be a difficult job. These are challenging times for our profession. Please provide them with a support system as they deal with the continued stress of the job as well as changing roles and increased expectations, and while coping with the change of an organization in transition. Please do that for me.”

Mayor Alonzo Jones congratulated the officers receiving promotions.

“As mayor and City Council members, we salute you,” Jones said. “We know what you have to go through every day. We want to say ‘thank you’ for all that you have done and ‘congratulations.’ We are very proud.”

Members of City Council, former police chiefs Philip Broadfoot and Neal Morris, and former police captain and current Altavista police chief Tommy Merricks were among those in attendance.

The large number of promotions were due to the retirement of several senior level members of the Police Department.

The officers promoted were:


  • J.L. Pace
  • E.K. Thompson


  • C.H. Allen
  • R.E. Chivvis
  • P.R. Deel
  • D.E. Whitley


  • S.C. Bray
  • E.L. Ellis
  • J.M. Epps
  • M.J. Gourley
  • S.J. High
  • N.D. Jeffries
  • C.S. Moorefield
  • J.A. Pulley
  • J.L. West


  • J.D. Dixon
  • A.D. Harn
  • D.C. Lancaster
  • L.D. Land
  • R.D. Marlowe
  • C.B. Morris
  • C.K. Newcomb
  • D.T. Shively
  • H. Torres
  • E.G. Wilson
  • R.P. Wright

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