Some farmers still feeling the effects of snow storm

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The Sunday snowstorm impacted many people’s ability to get to work. And some people are still experiencing the effects of it. 

“This is the wettest year we’ve ever had here,” says Janice Mileski, who owns Mystic River Lavender Farm with her husband, Keith. 

Mileski can finally see her lavender plants again, After the Sunday snow fall, they were completely covered in white. 

“Lavender likes a Mediterranean climate, which is dry. Not too hot, not too cold,” says Mileski. 

She has been growing the lavender plants for a decade now. This year, with the rain and snow, the plants have received a lot of moisture, which could potentially harm them. 

“We had a really heavy snow in the spring, back in March here, and it just mashed the plants down. It seemed like it was hard on them,” says Mileski. 

But she won’t know the effect of this winter’s snow fall on the lavender until the spring. The plants typically start to bloom around June. 

“We’ll just wait and see. Whatever happens, happens,” she says. 

And whatever happens, Mileski is ready to take it in stride. 

The Mileskis welcome visitors to their lavender farm. They have a U-Pick field where guests can pick their own lavender bouquet. It opens in June. 

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