ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Days after seeing some of the most snow in the area since 2018, residents of central and southwest Virginia are still digging out of snow and ice.

Many people are still having difficulty on secondary streets, even as crews are working around the clock to make sure area roadways get cleared. That’s because this is not the normal amount of snowfall for this area.

“Eight inches is a big deal for us,” said Director Bo Herndon of Public Works in Vinton.

Herndon says it’s hard to move that much snow in such a short amount of time.

“It’s just a timing part you know. It’s easier to move three inches of snow than it is eight inches of snow,” explained Herndon.

Believe it or not, those strong trucks you see ramming through the snow do have their limits.

“The horsepower of all the trucks can only push so much at one time,” said Herndon. “So, if it takes us one swipe to do three inches it might take us two or three swipes to do eight inches.”

It’s not just the trucks that have their limits, though. Worker shortages mean more roads to clear for fewer drivers.

“We are about 25 snow fighters short of that 95,” said Transportation Manager Dwayne D’Ardenne of Roanoke City.

D’Ardenne says the vacancies and COVID-19 have played a huge part in crews being a bit slower.

“That is the reason we are a bit slower on this particular event than we have been for previous events,” D’Ardenne said.

Just like Herndon, D’ardenne asks residents to be patient. He says you can help the plowing process by shoveling snow to the right side of your property instead of the left side.

However, D’ardenne says Roanoke City hopes to have most areas mostly clear by the end of the day on Wednesday, Jan. 19.