(WFXR) – Police across Southwest Virginia are warning residents of a multitude of scams that are circulating.


The Wythe County Sheriff’s Office took a call from a local discount store regarding a man who wanted to purchase a Google Play card, saying that he had received calls from someone saying they were with Social Security and was demanding that the man send in money to keep receiving his benefits.

The clerk at the store recognized this as being a scam and relayed a link to its citizens regarding scams which can be found by clicking here.


The Christiansburg Police Department is warning residents of a scam involving people’s extended warranty expiring on their vehicle.

“The scams involve both calls and letters to recent buyers. These calls and letters inform the buyers that their car’s extended warranty is not up to date and that payment of the warranty is past due. The caller will request payment over the phone or via an invoice sent in the mail. These calls and invoices have the buyer’s correct name, address and vehicle information and appear to be legitimate.”

Christiansburg Police Department’s Facebook Page

Police in Christiansburg say that if you receive a call or invoice like is shown below, do not give the caller any information or send in any payment. You should contact the dealership you purchased the vehicle and check on your vehicle’s extended warranty.


A paving scam is circulating around Carroll County, according to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

A social media post indicates that the Sheriff’s Office in Carroll County has received reports that an original price is quoted and paving is completed unsatisfactorily and a higher quote is priced in order to complete the job.

They are warning residents to be cautious with companies that go door-to-door offering paving services and implore those who use a paving company to ask for references before contracting with them.

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