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The Salvation Army is opening up the New Day Center in Roanoke.

This center is targeted for homeless teens and teens aging out of foster care ages 18-24.

Monica Seiler, the program’s executive director says that they had extra space, and saw a void in the community.

“Arriving in Roanoke, this was an under-utilized space, and we realized there was a gap in services specific to this age range – specific to ages aging out of foster care, and just those children who are falling through the cracks. So we began meeting with some people in town to see what the need is, created some data, and created the model for the New Day Center,” said Seiler.

The center will include a laundry rooms, clean bathrooms with supplies, a kitchen, lounge area and study room. 

“We want somebody to be able to walk in and know that they are welcome, this is their space, that this is their place, and that they are loved. We want to be able to build healthy relationships with young people where often times services and providers have not done that, and we want them to know that we care and that they are a priority to us,” said Seiler.

Dozens of non-profit organizations in the Roanoke area are partnering with the Salvation Army to help teens get service and find resources they can use if they are ever in need.

“This will provide a nice, safe, non-judgmental space that encourages young people to get on the path to success,” said Seiler. “It’s also a great way to have collective impact among other non-profit service providers so that young people can realize there really is a community around them.”

The New Day Center will have an open house from 3 to 6 p.m. on Friday, July 20.

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