MONETA, Va. (WFXR) — A local restaurant in Moneta is showing its support for those impacted by cancer. Over the weekend, Lago Pizza offered free breakfast to anyone who has been affected by the disease.

Manager, Robert Tausendfreundt, says although he can’t help everyone battling cancer, he can offer them a good meal and a place to be supported.

“I might not be able to change somebody’s life, but I might be able to make them happy, you know just for a day,” said Tausendfreundt.

Tausendfreundt adds that he wanted to support others in the fight after he lost his wife to a rare small-cell ovarian cancer in January.

“After seeing what she went through, especially toward the end, it made me think of other people,” said Tausenfreundt.

Amber Carmichael who finished chemotherapy in December, calls 2023 a “fresh start” but says it’s important she supports those who never got that chance.

“Even though their story didn’t impact us personally, we’re all in this together, and we’re all fighting together,” said Carmichael.

People were encouraged to hang up photos of loved ones who’ve passed away from cancer–
Carmichael was overcome with emotion as she shared her reaction to seeing the pictures.

“To see that someone fought the same fight as you, but they didn’t make it, it’s hard, but it lets you know that either way you’re going to be okay,” said Carmichael.

She adds that cancer can make you feel alone but seeing people come together to share in their experiences gives her hope.

“No matter what someone or their family is going through, that they can still find the bright spot,” said Carmichael.

Tausendfreundt shares a message to all those currently battling cancer:

Keep fighting, don’t give up no matter what, there’s people that care about you, there’s people that are going to help you along the way.”

This was the first time this event has taken place, but Tausendfreundt says he hopes to make this an annual event.