ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Roanoke Fire-EMS had a very special delivery last week after a Roanoke police officer made a traffic stop.

First responders say the call started when Officer Gardner pulled over a car for speeding and the driver’s wife was in labor. Gardner called for medical help, who he said “saved the day.”

Medics from Roanoke Fire-EMS picked up the mother and rushed her to the hospital as police blocked off streets to clear their path.

Paramedic Jeff Francisco says the cooperation between agencies was incredible.

A few minutes after picking up the laboring mother, fire officials say her water broke and it was time for them to deliver the baby. Francisco reportedly had the honor of catching the baby in the ambulance.

Francisco says the parents had chosen to keep the sex of the baby a surprise until the birth, adding that it was “an awesome moment” to be able to announce the birth of their healthy baby girl.

“Please join us in offering our congratulations to mom, dad, and baby girl, as well as the whole team who got to be part of such a special call!” Roanoke Fire-EMS wrote on Facebook on Friday, April 29.