ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — There are reports surfacing across the U.S. that could have impacts on your Thanksgiving meals this holiday season.

According to national reports, the pandemic has caused various labor shortages that have influenced the distribution of turkeys this year, which means a potential turkey shortage at your grocery store.

Although this may be true, Professor Mike Persia of Animal Science Poultry at Virginia Tech says that people shouldn’t panic given that it’s too early.

“It’s probably a little bit early to be looking for turkeys for Thanksgiving,” said Persia. “It might not be that the consumer can find turkeys right away but I think over time there should be hopefully some available.”

Persia added that the change in demand during the pandemic to want things accessible early is too much for the U.S. supply chain to bear at this time.

He told WFXR News the best thing people can do this year is to be flexible amid the shortages. He also shared if there are limited supplies to stay in constant communication with your local grocery store and ask when they expect to get them.

Roanoke resident Marylin Stockton says if there aren’t any turkeys for Thanksgiving, she doesn’t mind making adjustments and switching up the menu for her family.

“We love chicken. There’s a million different ways to cook chicken. We’d just treat it like any other day,” said Stockton.

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