ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — If you hear something moving around in your attic, you’d probably assume it’s a mouse, a squirrel, or maybe even a raccoon. But what are the chances of it being a duck?

A Wood Duck was found in a local attic, stuck to a glue trap, on March 22nd. The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center saved the bird from nearly starving to death. They were unsure how long the female duck was trapped, but they were glad they found her in time.

The wildlife center believes the duck caught herself in the glue trap while searching for a safe place to lay eggs.

In the wildlife center’s care, professionals carefully cleaned the duck’s feathers and removed the residue from the sticky glue. These cleaning processes oftentimes remove the duck’s natural oils, so the wildlife center had to shelter her for a few more weeks.

The Wood Duck was eventually released back into the wild on Saturday, April 15th.

(Video courtesy: The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center)