ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — On Thursday afternoon, the City of Roanoke announced the replacement of the reverse 911 system with “Star City Alerts,” which is now available to all residents.

Officials tell WFXR News that “Star City Alerts” is a free service that allows you to receive notifications from state and local authorities, keeping you informed about potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic, and other emergencies.

According to a statement released by Roanoke on Thursday, May 19, “Star City Alerts” will give you alerts via text, email, and voice message that can provide critical details during emergency situations.

City officials say anyone who signs up for alerts will receive reliable information about severe weather alerts; missing persons; evacuations due to hazmat incidents or gas line ruptures; and interruptions to city services, including tailored updates based on your specific needs and geographic location.

“Star City Alerts will greatly improve the City of Roanoke’s ability to communicate with our residents, employees, and visitors in a timely manner,” said Trevor Shannon, Battalion Chief of Emergency Management. “This system will enhance public safety during storms and other emergency events as well during the hundreds of special events that are brought to the city each year. Finally, translation services are built into the program to allow improved communication with our non-English speaking residents and guests.”

Members of the Roanoke community are encouraged to sign up for “Star City Alerts” by following this link and filling out your information and notification preferences. Once you’ve registered, you can update these settings by clicking here.