ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – Santa paid a visit to children at Carilion’s neonatal intensive care unit, Sunday.

Courtney and Ryan Burch are mom and dad to twins Braddock and Felina who have been in the NICU since October. Their babies were born nearly four months premature with holes in their hearts.

“Our baby boy is definitely growing and becoming a little chunker now,” said Courtney.

Santa visited the NICU at Carilion Clinic just before Christmas. (Carilion Clinic/Amy Hayden Photography)

Their daughter isn’t quite as advanced they say, but just because she’s small, doesn’t mean she isn’t tough.

“Her nickname is Feisty Felina and she will beat you up when you try to change her diaper,” Courtney laughed.

The weekend visit from the big man in red helped the Burch’s feel a sense of normalcy.

“It really made it feel like home and like family, and we appreciated it,” said Courtney.