ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Downtown Roanoke, Inc. celebrates six months of its Downtown Ambassador Program with positive feedback regarding its cleanup efforts around Star City.

The eight-person Ambassador team provides nearly 300 hours of weekly services catering to the downtown area. Over the past six months, crews have collected over 1,200 bags of litter, removed over a thousand small bulk trash objects, and completed 41 power washing projects, 283 biohazard clean-ups, and nearly 400 safety checks. Crews have also removed graffiti, weeded overgrown areas, and provided sweeps across neighborhoods.

This program is a community-wide effort and Downtown Roanoke Inc. has secured funding for the first year. They actively seeking additional funders to ensure the program continues forward. To learn more information visit their website.

Having a clean, safe, and welcoming downtown is the foundation of a great city.

Downtown Roanoke, Inc.