ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Liberty Trust opened its doors last Friday in the historic halls of Roanoke’s first financial institution.

“It was built as the headquarters of the First National Bank in Roanoke. This was built to show that the banking world had arrived,” said Vishal Savani, managing director of Savara Hospitality.

The building, erected in 1910, is on the National Register of Historic Places, so Savani and his team had to preserve the architecture and faculties of the bank.

They kept the original marble teller counters, the same floors, and one of the original vaults—which they’re transforming into a tasting room.

Savani says the building’s landmark status is what first brought them to the corner of Jefferson Street and Salem Avenue. They did their best to preserve its history.

“That resulted in a space that really truly speaks to what was here 100 years ago,” said Savani.

He says the renovation involved architects, historic restoration experts, and a construction team all based in Roanoke. They even had a hand from Roanoke’s own Black Dog Salvage to repurpose materials.

“We feel that this was a missing piece in Downtown Roanoke and we’re really excited to be the ones filling that hole,” said Savani.