ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Roanoke Department of Parks and Recreation (PLAY Roanoke) held a ribbon cutting Tuesday to celebrate the completion of multiple revamped playgrounds in the Star City.

At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 2, a ribbon cutting took place at the Garden City Park Playground to celebrate the completion of six playgrounds that have been receiving updates since April.

According to city officials, PLAY Roanoke invested $2.3 million in September 2021 to help address a list of deferred maintenance projects in the area. The Star City then announced in July it was putting an additional $2 million into the park system.

“We kind of take small bites at a time, what we can take care of as we can, but hopefully we are able to address enough amenities in each part of the city so that each neighborhood has some quality park amenities that they can be proud of,” Michael Clark, director of PLAY Roanoke, said.

After the completion of these six playgrounds, Clark says there are still over 50 backlogged projects, including installing water fountains along the greenways and removal of invasive species at Mill Mountain Park.

City officials tell WFXR News there are more than 70 parks, plazas, and greenways within the city that residents use. The funds for the park system allow the backlogged projects to be addressed, and residents to have quality amenities from the parks department.

“Parks are a critical and essential public service. From promoting community wellness and quality family time to improving environmental quality and connecting with nature, parks help build a better, more livable community for all city residents,” said Clark.

The updated playgrounds were at Garden City, Raleigh Court, River’s Edge South, Staunton, Upper Washington, and West End Parks. Officials say all six of the parks began revamping in April and finished in July.