ROANOKE Va. (WFXR) — Plenty of businesses are understaffed right now but Roanoke Mountain Adventures — an outdoor shop in Roanoke — is getting plenty of interest by way of applications from potential workers.

“I think there is an added benefit to having a job that gets you out on your feet [and] moving around, but also challenges you in other aspects,” said owner Jeff Todd.

Todd purchased the business during the pandemic. It was forced to shut down because of COVID-19, but he’s come a long way from that point.

“Outdoor demand was there from the jump and in this region, especially, there is a huge and growing demand for the gear necessary to partake in these outdoor activities,” Todd explained.

He contributes his success at hiring to the great work environment.

“By trying to respect our employees, pay them fairly, and treat them like the great people they are,” Todd said. “That’s my plan and my hope, so I think that that’s hopefully what is helping us and will continue to help us stay staffed up.”

He also says he promoted hiring on social media and placed a sign on the door. Todd is looking for people who are multi-faceted and who love the outdoors, but can also manage things like rentals and retail.

“If we can’t add great people then we just won’t offer the services because I want to be able to have good employees that are doing a good job for our customers, and otherwise, it’s not a business that’s worth doing,” said Todd.