ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The baby formula shortage may be nearing its end as Abbott announces a return to production, but officials say it could still take weeks before products are back on shelves. Meanwhile, for parents trying to feed their babies, every week counts.

Caitlin Gills, a mother from Roanoke, says it takes a village to feed her baby. She’s had friends and family grabbing formula for her whenever they see it. In fact, she’s even received tubs of formula from as far away as Michigan.

In addition, Gills’ husband searches for formula in the different cities he visits while traveling for work, but even he hasn’t had any luck.

Regardless, Gills says they’ve been lucky so many eyes are on the lookout for the formula.

“They’re like, ‘I heard there’s a shortage, but we’re not looking. Do you want me to look?’ And I’m like, ‘if you see it, that’s fine,'” Gills told WFXR News. “I know went to a couple local Walmarts over the weekend and Target and they didn’t have any of the formula that mine needs.'”

Gills’ child is eight months old — almost old enough to take off formula completely — but she says it’s been incredibly stressful for her and even worse for families with younger children.

Now to add to that stress the fact that there are baby formula scams.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning parents about ads and social media posts that promise baby formula, but when the parents send money over platforms like Paypal and Venmo, they never actually get the product.

The Bureau says you can verify a company on the BBB website, and you should look out for typos in the posts.