ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Silent and secret attacks on data and sensitive information continue to plague the world.

Mary Hamilton — the CEO of a Roanoke-based company, Mad Data IO — says that, based on the current state of cybersecurity, healthcare companies could be in danger.

Lately, she says she has been seeing attacks on smaller, local healthcare practices that don’t have the proper security, adding that the lack of protection makes them really susceptible

“I am not kidding you when I say all of them that I have taken care of, most of them have had the same password for the last 15 years,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton tells WFXR News that smaller companies don’t have the backing of big name organizations, who have “

“Those guys, they have taken the steps, they have the incident response plans, they have the security in place, they have the training in place,” said Hamilton.

Now the question is, why healthcare?

Hamilton says hackers pick who they want to target.

“They pick verticals, and they go after them pretty much quarterly. MSPs, service providers, and cybersecurity specialists were on their target last q1 and q2, and then they went to CPAs. They always follow the different trends,” said Hamilton.

However, Hamilton says protecting yourself never changes, which is why going back to the fundamentals is important.

“You’ve got to have your passwords, you’ve got to have two-factor authentication in place, you’ve gotta do all of your updates on a regular basis,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton urges people to be careful about who you share information with, as well as make sure to delete any online profile that you no longer use.