ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — The Roanoke County Police Department is urging people to lock their cars and hide their valuables after reports of recent thefts from multiple vehicles around the county.

The department issuing a statement on Facebook earlier this week, saying that Ogden Road, Colonial Avenue, and Orlando Avenue have been the latest targets for thefts from vehicles.

According to police, most of these break-ins and thefts have been successful because people are leaving their car doors unlocked. In addition, these cases can be hard to solve because each situation is different.

“It’s a range, a range of age, gender, race, all of it,” said Roanoke County Officer Melvin Minnix.

Minnix says firearms are a popular item for thieves to take.

“Never leave a firearm in your vehicle, ever, because we do have children who are breaking into cars, juveniles who are getting these firearms and they don’t even know how to use them,” said Minnix.

In light of the recent thefts, police urge community members to “LOCK IT, HIDE IT, KEEP IT” when it comes to their vehicles and their valuables.

“My recommendation is to not keep any items of value that you couldn’t live without in your vehicle to begin with,” Minnix said. “If you were to look in my car now, it’s clean as a whistle, besides dirt, of course.”

WFXR News also spoke with several Roanoke County residents, who say they want more police surveillance in their area.