ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office announced their ‘safe exchange zone’ will be effective Thursday, June 1.

The safe exchange zone is a regulated space where individuals can meet in public in a protected manner. The zone will be under 24-hour video surveillance.

This designated space can be used to exchange online purchases, execute custody transfers, or other private party transfers where safety may be a concern.

Those who want to utilize this zone can find two yellow-marked parking spaces at 315 Church Avenue SW (in the parking lot next to the left side of the Oliver Hill Justice Center).

Sheriff Antonio D. Hash, Chief Roman, Judge Rodgers, and Chief Judge Clemens, discussed a common and safe meeting place for citizens to make exchanges.

The Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office advises that if “someone involved in an exchange is not willing to meet at a Safe Exchange Zone, the transaction may be worth reconsidering.”