ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Early voting is underway with plenty of interest in the local and federal races.

Director of Elections for the City of Roanoke Andrew Cochran says more people have been heading to the voter registration office to cast their votes before Virginia’s Nov. 8 election.

“I was kind of surprised. It was a dreary morning this morning, but we had a lot of people come by in person and several people come by and put them in the drop box in our lobby,” Cochran said on Monday.

Monday was also the last day for traditional voter registration. According to the Virginia Department of Elections, voters may register after this date, through election day, and vote using a provisional ballot.

“It’s house of representatives which is a federal office, and then we have the eleven candidates for city council — so a lot of interest in the local races, as well as the federal races,” Cochran said.

Political Science expert Karen Hult says the in-person turnout across the Commonwealth will likely be substantial.

“I do think the lack or absence of physical restrictions based on covid will have more people voting in person,” said Hult.

“We’re seeing somewhat of an increase statewide in early voting,” Hult added. “That could be early voting by mail but also early voting in person.”

“Republicans are likely to vote republican and support republicans, and the same with democrats. So then it becomes, as it always, is a turnout issue — how many people that are democrats and how many people that are republicans are actually going to turn out to cast ballots,” said Hult.

The deadline to apply for a ballot by mail is Friday, October 28. Registration offices will open Saturday, October 29, for early voting and on again on Saturday, November 5 — the last day for early voting.

For more information visit the Virginia Department of Elections website and view its Voter Packet Guide.