(WFXR) — Local breweries are tacking the impact of the the rising cost of grain. The Associated Press says the war between Russia and Ukraine — two big exporters of wheat — is impacting the price, but southwest Virginians say shipping is still the culprit behind costly brewing.

“Literally just everything that goes into making beer is being affected,” said Cameron Weeks, general manager at Olde Salem Brewing Co.

He says the brewery tries to stay local with its ingredients, but even domestic products are more expensive.

“Delays due to varying things cause high demand which causes prices to rise,” said Weeks.

However, the price surge isn’t a surprise.

Will Landry, owner of Twisted Track Brewpub in Roanoke, says his suppliers sent out a notification at the end of the year that price increases were coming.

“I think that’s where we’ll see the cost fluctuation, shipping, and delivery costs,” said Landry.

For Twisted Track Brewpub, their international-inspired beers mean importing grain.

“If we brew a German-style lager, we try to use a German pilsner malt,” said Landry. “And we may end up having to try to get those as domestic equivalents, for lack of a better term, from domestic malthouses.”

Both breweries say they have no plans to increase prices yet, and the beer is still flowing.