ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Despite staff shortages and supply chain issues, restaurants in downtown Roanoke saw an increase in customers celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend.

“We’ve definitely seen a rise in our business,” said the manager of Cabo Fish Taco, Amy Haley. “It’s been great to see families and moms out today celebrating.”

Despite everything, Haley says she was happy to be at work on Sunday, May 8.

“Just being out in the restaurant and being able to serve them has been totally awesome,” she said.

According to Haley, Cabo Fish Taco is having a hard time with staffing, as well as keeping certain products in the restaurant. These challenges certainly can have an effect on a holiday like Mother’s Day.

“Us not being able to get our full amount of products back in, it’s definitely had to cause us to change how we take reservations and how we’re able to fully serve everyone for sure,” she said.

Haley says the community has been great with their continued support and understanding of the staffing and supply issues.

A Roanoke mother, Whitney Russell, tells WFXR News that when her family goes out to eat they like to support local restaurants.

“You know they’re having such a hard time finding staffing,” Russell said. “We are folks that eat at home a lot and so this is the day we get to go out and so it’s exciting to be able to go places, but it’s also hard when they don’t have the help that they need either to run their businesses.”

According to Russell, this Mother’s Day has been different because they could actually go out and enjoy a sense of pre-pandemic normalcy on Sunday.

“We were able to go to church and see all of our folks at church that we haven’t been able to do in a while and see friends there and be able to go out to eat wherever we want and then go get ice cream, of course, afterwards,” said Russell.

The Russell family was grateful to get out of the house to celebrate Mother’s Day

“It’s been a good day of kind of being out and celebrating and doing the things we couldn’t do before,” she said.