ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center says they suffered a major loss after one of their enclosures was destroyed in the windstorm that occurred over the weekend.

The ‘One important flight’ enclosure was destroyed by a pine tree when it toppled over due to the high winds. An Eastern Screech Owl patient was recovering in the building but was luckily unharmed.

The center did have crews there on Friday to remove any hazardous trees, but say there was no way of knowing exactly how strong a tree’s roots are. The loss of the structure could impair and limit the center’s ability to rehab larger birds.

The center, which is a nonprofit, says this time of the year is a busy season, and the cost to replace the enclosure is estimated to be around $25,000.

To find ways that you can help and donate to the non-profit, visit their website here.