ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Police are investigating after multiple cars were broken into in the Valley View area. Roanoke Police’s CrimeMapping tool shows two reports involving break-ins and one involving vehicle theft, although the Public Information Officer said multiple incidents can be included in one report.

Emily Schmidt said her car and someone else’s were broken into at Olive Garden.

“I went looking for my wallet and couldn’t find it and I found broken glass in my back seat,” she said in a phone interview on May 31.

At Logan’s Roadhouse, a manager said it was their employee who found their window busted in. The restaurant said they’re hoping surrounding properties caught the incident on their security cameras. WFXR reached out to the Regal asking for security footage after a vehicle appeared to have been stolen from their lot, but we have not heard back.

Schmidt said she was told by an officer that night that several reports had been filed. She said her designer bag was taken. Later, her wallet was found outside Macy’s with the cards still inside.

“It looks like they’re just looking for cash so it’s not traceable,” she said.

Whoever broke into her car kept the designer purse.

“I’m scared that because it was so many cars that they hit and they’re getting away with it that they’ll do it again,” she said.

So far, RPD said nothing has been recovered and they’ve made no arrests. They said the commonality between many break-ins is leaving the car unlocked and valuables in plain sight. Schmidt said her car was locked, but the bag was in the back seat. Police are urging people to hide anything valuable under a seat or in the trunk and always lock their cars.