BUENA VISTA, Va. (WFXR) — Rockbridge County celebrated its 51st Labor Day celebration in Buena Vista. In addition to live music and carnival games, the event was also a chance for U.S. Congress nominees to ramp their campaigns into high gear ahead of the mid-terms.

After the 5k at Camden Field and the parade, democrats and republicans addressed the crowd in the Pavilion, discussing the impact recent crises have had on working-class families.

Republican Congressman Ben Cline continued to push for republican control of congress blaming the Biden Administration for ongoing problems.

During his speech, Cline said, “Working families are watching their paychecks go down because inflation is at a forty-year high.” He then added, “All of these crises were created by the Biden Administration, you name it. Whether it’s inflation, jobs, energy, the border.”

Meantime, his Democratic opponent Jennifer Lewis emphasized the importance of worker unions and higher wages.

She said, “Labor unions helped create the middle class and made it possible for tens of Americans to earn a decent living, provide for their families and live with dignity.”

Fiery speeches lit up the afternoon, but unfortunately, the popular Labor Day Fireworks were canceled in the evening due to weather.

“The fireworks have always played a big part. I’m a little disappointed but I certainly understand with the weather. It’s being so unpredictable,” said, Linda Hickman who attended the event with her granddaughter.

“You can’t control the weather. The people who do the fireworks are professionals, and they can’t do them in the rain,” said Ronnie Coffey, another attendee of the event who said he looks forward to the display every year.

The bands who came out to perform were able to make some noise and lighten up the crown, continuing the excitement for people to have a day off and to get ready for the Fall season.