ROANOKE Va. (WFXR) — The recent four-day workweek proposal is gaining more and more attention from lawmakers and workers.

Experts in the Roanoke area say it’s most likely not possible in Virginia or anywhere else. Restaurant Employee at Hollywood Restaurant & Bakery, David Overstreet says he worked four days a week when he was in construction.

“Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I had off. That was beautiful because it was a day off that was not just a weekend, so I could get stuff done like appointments and banks,” said Overstreet.

But in jobs like health care and hospitality, it could create some problems.

“I just can’t see how a four-day workweek would ever work in a restaurant,” said manager, Brandy Kaiser.

Professor of Public Policy at Virginia Tech, David Bieri says approving a bill to implement a four-day week would cause an economic downturn.

“In this country, no version of it could pass. It’s as simple as that,” he said, adding that the nation’s economy is one of the most resilient coming out of covid and constraining that would only hurt.

“What this bill tries to do is for us to have a discussion about what type of economy are we running and what is it that was expecting of our workers,” he explains.

He said the proposal gets people to think and talk more about their working conditions.

“Our experience with changing working conditions working from home, as I am right now has given people the sense of the possibility of something else,” he said.

Researchers say working fewer days could mean lower stress levels and burnout rates. But some manufacturers believe it could lead to productivity falling off and those who work for tips could get less.

Many businesses have been adjusting their permanent schedules within the last few years. Some are operating by having employees work fewer days.