ROANOKE, Va (WFXR) — Every year millions set New Year’s Resolutions, however, they tend to give them up within the first week. A month into 2023 WFXR’s Hazelmarie Anderson checked in with people to see how they are fairing.

“I did not make any, but now that I think about it, I might need to,” said Tomara Nixon.

“I did not make any this year,” said Glenn Echols

Many have jumped on the trend not to set any resolution for 2023, but why?

“It just wasn’t on my mind, you know, for a while,” said Nixon.

“I knew I wouldn’t keep ’em, and they tend to be temporary in nature anyway, so I just didn’t see the need,” said Echols.

More than 30% of adults in the United States that set New Year’s Resolutions, only 9% successfully keep them.

“Unless you’re going to do the actionable steps, those small things that will work towards that goal accomplishment, it will be a healthy outcome if you put the energy into it,” said Christine Gist, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare.

Christine Gist of Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare says there’s a key step you need to take when making resolutions.

“I would encourage people to be realistic about the goals that they’re studying for themselves,” said Gist.

Franshees Pichardo, wants to travel more internationally, and she put things into place to make that happen.

“I just recently got a job as flight attendant. I’m already kind of in the process of going into nationally, hopefully, right now I’m just doing within the states,” said Pichardo.

Another step for keeping those resolutions is accountability. Have a plan, and remember it’s okay to have setbacks.

“Once you start building that practice, it becomes a lifestyle,” said Gist. “It will take discipline, and know all the reasons why you want to show up for yourself, and it will have a ripple effect because we do lead by example.”

If one of your resolutions is working on procrastination, health experts are recommending people start their resolutions in February, instead of waiting til the first day of the new year, to take the pressure off.