ROANOKE, Va (WFXR) — Winter is right around the corner and with temperatures dropping, local non-profit “Humble Hustle” is working to ensure kids have the proper clothing they need to stay warm. They held a coat drive at Belle Academy on Wednesday to make sure kids could get bundled up.

Humble Hustle says they had over 50 coats to give out for students in Kindergarten-4th grade.

“You need a coat when you go outside, and you don’t get cold,” said one student.

This is the “Humble Hustle’s” 5th year of holding a coat drive, they donate brand new coats to underprivileged students at two schools a year. Xavier Duckett is the founder and CEO of Humble Hustle, and he says the coat drive gives kids the chance to pick out something brand new for themselves, that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to.

“It all started with just wanting the kids to be able to pop that tag and have a brand-new coat, not every kid gets that opportunity,” said Duckett.

Duckett says the coats are donated by the community– adding that they have collection spots throughout the city.

“If you can do it, why not do it? It’s just a simple fact of staying under our slogan stay under our mission of keep giving,” said Duckett.

Duckett says the mission of the humble hustle company is to expose, empower and educate inner-city youth. He says something as simple as a winter coat can make a huge difference for some children.

“I think these kids will remember these small acts of kindness and understanding that these people went out of their way just to make sure I was warm,” Duckett said.

The kids at Belle Academy say a new coat means staying warm during the winter months.
“So, you won’t be cold, and you could be warm,” one student says.

And for some students, it also means staying healthy during the colder days.
“You can’t go outside without a jacket or else you will get sick,” said one student.

Humble Hustle will be holding another coat drive on November 18th at Fallon Park Elementary; representatives say they have over 200 coats to give away on that day.