ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Another step has been taken in a lawsuit involving Famous Anthony’s and Cincinnati Insurance Companies after more than 40 people were impacted by Hepatitis A.

In May WFXR reported that Famous Anthony’s teamed up with the victims against Cincinnati Insurance Companies to increase the claim from 7 million dollars to 14 million dollars. On Thursday they were back in court to expand the complaint with Bill Marler who is the attorney for victims. They argue that Hepatitis was not only contracted from the food made by the sick employee but also from the surfaces in the restaurant like menus, silverware, and doorknobs.

“The outbreak occurred in multiple different ways so therefore there’s potentially a larger amount of insurance money available to try and compensate these families,” said Bill Marler.

Marler says the federal court did accept the amendment to their complaint. Going forward Marler says in the next 30 days he expects the bankruptcy court will evaluate the claims for Famous Anthony’s. After that, they then will proceed against the insurance company to get the larger claim.