ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – Tiffany McFalls is a regular visitor to Cedar Lawn Memorial Park.

Her son Antwan is buried in “Babyland,” an area of the cemetery dedicated to children and infants.

“What’s gonna happen to Babyland? What’s gonna happen to all our loved ones? That was my first thought,” said McFalls.

It’s a question she and family members of the more than 30,000 people buried at Cedar Lawn and Fair View Cemetery are asking.

They received letters saying the Fair View Group is letting go of their cemeteries, and right now, it’s unknown who will take on ownership.

“I live right down the street from here, and this is my closest connection to him,” said McFalls, standing by Antwan’s grave.

McFalls had Antwan when she was 17, and just three months later, he passed away. She says the cemetery knew her story and donated the plot where her son rests today. That’s why she wants to make sure Cedar Lawn goes into good hands.

“I think, with this being his place of rest, I shouldn’t have to worry about the care or what type of hands his care will be in,” she said.

Fair View hopes for Roanoke City to pick up the cemeteries, but until new ownership is solidified, it leaves families like McFall’s in limbo.

“The biggest thing we can do right now is just advocate for those who no longer have a voice,” she said.

McFalls made a Facebook post, spreading the word of the cemeteries’ transition, and at least two city council members responded to it, assuring her that they are working toward a solution for the properties. Fair View says on its website that they do not expect “significant change” to operations or gravesites.