ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Staff members at the southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke say someone stole their mail, as well as the mail of several families along Coleman Road.

According to the wildlife center, the theft happened the night of Tuesday, Dec. 22.

Meanwhile, a staff member found the facility’s mailbox open and empty along Coleman Road early in the morning on Wednesday, Dec. 23.

However, the wildlife center’s mailbox was not the only one targeted. Several neighbors confirmed someone also tampered with their mailboxes.

This crime is especially devastating to the wildlife center, which often receives hundreds of donations during the holiday season, which is funding workers rely on to operate.

“People are giving, not taking. So, it hurt, you know? This hurt today,” said Sabrina Garvin, the Executive Director of the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center. “It hurt, maybe financially, but I think more emotionally than anything that’s hurt. It’s just, how can people be this low?”

Staff members say they have filed a police report and contacted a postal inspector. If you have any information about this crime, the wildlife center says it should be reported it to the postal inspector at (877) 875-2455.

“We’re deeply worried about the chance that personal information and mail-in donations could have been stolen during this attack… The fact that this happened so close to Christmas and has also impacted many of our friends in the neighborhood is very upsetting to us,” the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

If you have recently mailed something to the wildlife center — especially if it was a donation — within the last few days, you are asked to call (540) 798-9836 or email to confirm the delivery.

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