UPDATE 5:20 p.m.: Roanoke Police did not respond to WFXR when information was requested but this afternoon Roanoke City Public Schools, the Roanoke Police Department and Roanoke Sheriff’s Office released a joint pre-recorded video message. The media was not offered an opportunity to ask questions beforehand.

To view the video on YouTube Click the link here.

In the statement, both Police Chief Sam Roman and Superintendent Verletta White emphasized: if you see something, say something. Chief Roman reminded families that threats could result in felony charges and encouraged guardians to speak to students.

Superintendent White said continued false threats will jeopardize extra curriculars. She said they will cancel dances and games if hoaxes continue, and extra school days may be added to the calendar to make up for lost class time.

She also said that they will continue to communicate with families about the threats through updated messages, but if a threat is determined to be clearly a hoax, they will not unnecessarily alarm the school community.

Finally, Superintendent White asked families to check social media accounts, bedrooms, and bookbags and speak with students about the possible consequences of these threats.

ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Roanoke City Public Schools sent a message out to parents of Lucy Addison Middle School on Thursday to let them know that the school was on a hold and secure because of a potential threat.

This comes after two other potential threats were reported at Roanoke City Schools on Wednesday. A spokesperson for the school says administrators and Roanoke Police worked together to deem the the threat unsubstantiated.

The school says the hold and secure was lifted and classes resumed as normal. Police are continuing to investigate the origin of the threat.