ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Twas the morning of Thanksgiving, and all through the house Turkeys were tying their running shoes quieter than a mouse.

It is finally time for the 17th annual Rescue Mission of Roanoke’s Drumstick Dash with the crew of WFXR News. This blog is where we will post all things Drumstick Dash including pictures, videos, and updates. The latest video will be located at the top of the page.

Let’s move our feet so people can eat!

WFXR News at the Drumstick Dash 2022

WFXR’S Evan Johnson talks to dasher as they finish the race

Mayor Lea finishes the Drumstick Dash

Meet the runners of the Drumstick Dash

(Photos: Odyssey Fields/WFXR)

Hazelmarie Anderson visits Drumstick Dash vendor row

WFXR Sports’ Jermaine Ferrell Interviews the 2022 Drumstick Dash winners

Evan Johnson talks Drumstick Dash officially underway

Officially off and dashing like a herd of turkeys: The 2022 Drumstick Dash kicks off in Downtown Roanoke.

WFXR’s Kathlynn Stone talks to a family as they get ready to run the Drumstick Dash

What the Dash means to the Rescue Mission of Roanoke with CEO Lee Clark

Along the race route: Texas Tavern

WFXR’s night crew joins the crew of Good Day Virginia to celebrate the Drumstick Dash

WFXR’s Evan Johnson talks to a runner ahead of the Drumstick Dash

WFXR sits down with David Allen from Pinnacle Financial to talk Drumstick Dash

A look behind the scenes with the WFXR Team as we broadcast live from Downtown Roanoke.

(Photos: Odyssey Fields/WFXR)

Being blessed by blessing others

WFXR’s Evan Johnson talks with Drumstick Dash Event Manager Kevin Berry

Drumstick Dash Supports “Way Forward Program”

Highlighting Volunteers: Local Pediatrician volunteers at Rescue Mission

Why Dash?: Fighting Food insecurity in Roanoke

The Rescue Mission of Roanoke prepares meals for Thanksgiving Day

Drumstick Dash: Road Closures and traffic alerts

WFXR’s Hazelmarie Anderson shares what you need to know about this year’s Drumstick Dash with just hours until the big race.