LEXINGTON, Va. (WFXR) — A new police unit could be making its way to the Lexington, but this one doesn’t run on gas. Instead, it would be a mounted unit, which not only ties into the city’s legacy with horses, but would be the only such unit for 150 miles.

On Thursday Jan. 20, Lexington Police Chief Angela Greene will make a presentation to the Lexington City Council about the benefits of adding police horses to the force.

That includes increasing public safety, especially in crowds; improving recruitment and retention of officers; and expanding community outreach.

Beyond their day-to-day operations, this mounted unit would have “the pomp and stance of performing special events, parades, not just in the City of Lexington, but in the entire Blue Ridge area,” according to Greene.

You can read the presentation for Thursday’s Lexington City Council meeting — which is set to start at 7 p.m. at Lylburn Downing Middle School — below:

Greene also joined WFXR News’ Amanda Kenney and Charmayne Brown Thursday morning for a live interview on “Good Day Virginia,” during which time she discussed the inspiration and reasoning behind the proposal, the ways it would help officers, and the support it has already garnered from the community.