(WFXR) — It’s no secret that inflation and hiring woes have made it difficult for restaurants to survive during this time.

Shaeen Mehmood, the owner of KJ’s Grill and Kabob House in Salem, says she had to make a difficult decision due to the economic pressures of running a restaurant.

“A shortage of employees was the biggest thing and me not being able to sustain 12 hour days,” said Mehmood.

She says she’s been working primarily by herself for a while.

“Going on five or six months now,” Mehmood said.

Another reason KJ’s Grill and Kabob is closing is the skyrocketing price of food products.

“I think the challenge actually is taking something away from the community that I gave them,” explained Mehmood, who wanted to share part of her Pakistani culture with the Roanoke Valley.

Meanwhile, in the Star City, the owner of The Roanoker, Butch Craft, is weighing his restaurant’s future.

“I think the future of restaurants is bleek,” Craft said.

He says labor, food costs, and lack of help have made for an uphill battle, even for a restaurant that has been in business for 80 years.

“You can’t balance pricing with the labor costs and the food costs. You can’t balance it,” explained Craft.

Craft says takeout has been successful for her restaurant but there is no way it can sustain her business long-term.