ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — As postal services and warehouses continue to seek out seasonal staff, some businesses say more people are shopping online this holiday.

They tell customers, there are some ways they can help in avoiding delays this holiday season.

Owner of WyndRose boutique, Rachelle Walker sells handcrafted items. She’s been busy ordering from vendors and shipping out to customers.

“What we advise for all of our customers is whatever the shipping deadline is, whether that be for the post office, UPS, or FedEx, we need to probably have those orders two or three days ahead of time, just to make sure we can process your purchase, wrap if need be,” said Walker.

United States Postal Service (USPS) says they’ve been preparing for the holiday traffic by making sure they have as many seasonal workers as possible and they’re asking customers to get their own head start.

A spokesperson for UPS in the Atlantic area, Mark Wahl told WFXR, “We ask our customers please ship your packages early but for those that want to wait until the last minute. We are the united states postal service and we are holiday ready.”

He says they have 20,000 seasonal jobs open nationally, but they aren’t expecting any significant delays.

Wahl says USPS is expecting about 250 million customers heading to their counters between early December and Christmas Day.

He said, “When you ship your package, make sure you get the tracking, we have the tracking on the first class. We have it on the priority mail and priority mail express. We have insurance on those packages as well. So make sure you’re using the service that best fits your needs.”

Walker says she’s also seeing some traffic at the counter. She says some of her customers are avoiding shipping altogether this holiday.

“We’re getting more orders online but then come in and pick up in-store when they have time,” said Walker.

We also heard from the UPS store which says one way to cut down on time at customer centers is to come with your package already wrapped and ready to ship. If you’re expecting a package, they say you can pick it up from a customer center or post office instead of waiting for it to be delivered.