ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Potential home buyers are scrambling as they try to navigate purchasing a house in a heavily inflated market.

As a homebuyer, one of your biggest concerns is often being able to maintain the value of your home, which can be especially challenging in the current housing economy. Although there is an influx of homes available on the market, people are still having to make some tough choices, especially since they’re not just thinking about cost.

People are taking into consideration the amount of time and effort they are willing to pour into their homes.

Roanoke realtor Amanda Ostrander says that there are key details that often leave houses on the market.

“The most in-demand homes are move-in ready, don’t have to lift a finger, in the right location for the buyer, but the ones that need work and/or are still asking for the most money on the street, it’s taking them some time,” said Ostrander.

Even with a lot of options, people are still moving quickly when it comes to applying for their future homes. Many home buyers are even bidding more than the asking price in an attempt to secure their house.

Some Roanoke residents, like Mike Weselcouch, say it’s all about finding opportunities and acting quickly.

“If we had missed our window, we probably would not have tried to buy a house,” said Weselcouch.

However, Ostrander did offer some hope for all those buying a home in trying times, saying that inventory is continuing to increase, and she hopes that people are able to take their time when making such a huge decision.

“My advice is always to try to make choices that are best for you and your family and your situation as opposed to trying to time the market,” explained Ostrander.