LEXINGTON, Va. (WFXR) — While it’s no secret that water is crucial to growing crops, the effects of recent heavy rainfall in the southwestern part of Virginia may cause more harm than good for farmer’s markets.

According to Lisa and Richard Carter — the owners of Herman’s Produce, a family-run farmer’s market in Lexington — the rain doesn’t just affect the distributors.

“It’s hard on the farmers. They work hard and too much rain puts a hurting on them and it puts a hurting on us,” said Lisa.

The Carters say that the heavy rainfall can create challenges when it comes to purchasing and distributing fresh crops.

“Produce doesn’t last as long when it rains,” Richard explained. “Quality of your produce, flavor of your produce, like cantaloupe and watermelon, rain affects all of that.”

The Carters tell WFXR News that when crops are exposed to too much water, they will go bad much more quickly than they would under normal circumstances, which can lead to food waste.

“You lose stuff, you have to throw stuff away and you don’t want to do that, but you do,” Richard said.

Despite the challenges, the pair says they are doing what they can to keep costs low for customers and prevent any unnecessary food loss.

The Carters add that they feel grateful to be a part of a community where they receive so much love and support.

“Great community, great supporters,” the Carters told WFXR News. “We just feel blessed, we really do.”