ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Following several days of high temperatures, Star City officials notified the community on Thursday about possible delays when it comes to solid waste and recycling collection.

With temperatures expected to exceed 90 degrees throughout the summer, Roanoke Solid Waste Management staff members are encouraged to take breaks to reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses or injuries.

“We’re just like construction workers, roofers, and other folks that have to work out in the heat. We’re subject to those high temperatures, which I believe today are close to 90 degrees with a heat index that’s hovering near 100, and that’s what you feel on your skin is the heat index,” said Roanoke City Solid Waste Manager Brian Haynesworth.

He says the service vehicles are still equipped with AC, but it’s important for workers to take additional breaks to cool down.

As a result, on days with really hot weather, the City of Roanoke says customers may see some delays in their regularly scheduled collection service.

Customers are asked to still leave their trash and recycling carts out until crews pick it up. In fact, officials say solid waste inspectors will not cite residents whose carts are left at the curb if they were not collected as scheduled. However, you still need to remove your carts from the pickup locations after your service is completed.

Southwest Roanoke customers were expected to see delays in some capacity on Thursday, June 16, but the Solid Waste Management team will work to catch up on collections on Friday, June 17.

According to Haynesworth, city officials posted the warning about potential delays on Thursday so they could get ahead of any issues or concerns that customers might have. In addition, he says that providing a set of expectations allows residents to be on the same page with the waste management team.

For more information about your solid waste service, you can call the waste management office at 540-853-2000, check the department’s Facebook page or website, or use the Star City notification app.